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“An extremely enjoyable and effective documentary film that masterfully...empowers each viewer” ★★★★1/2
-  Press Plus 1

"One of those rare documentaries that make you feel like you can do something about the problems in our world.” 
Vail Daily News

“Arguably one of the most candid and humorous films I’ve ever seen”

- The Squamish Chief


"After a viewing of this motivating movie, one can’t help but consider their own habits."
- Island Times

"Beautiful camera work and catchy background music"
-Gulf Islands Driftwood



Wichita Eagle: Couple's film documents how to cut waste from your life

Vancouver Sun: Vancouver couple's competition to cut garbage out of lives documented in award winning film

Vancouver Sun: The Clean Bin project: one wasteless year

Squamish Chief: Waste free film wows Quest [University]

My Westworld: Talkin' Trash

Earth Times: Film Review- The Clean Bin Project

Georgia Straight: Local zero-waste activists take their Clean Bin Project to the big screen

Whistler Question: Homemade toothpaste and other iShift tips

CBC News: watch clip here


What people are saying


"Hilarious and inspiring! The soundtrack was amazing. What a great film"
- Calgary viewer

"Engaging not lecturing. Suprising and delicious humour. Really, really well shot and edited. Ultimately challenging and deeply moving. Go out of your way, way out of your way to see this."
- M Sobota, NS Film Association

“In my 11 years working in the biz, captioning local content, this has been one of the best-crafted, best-edited, complete “project” documentaries I’ve seen .”
- Steffani, Line21 Media Services Ltd

"The discussion, in Grade 9 science, after the Seconday School screening, this morning, was powerful. Hopefully every student thinks before they buy something with excess packaging or throw something out! Go watch this film!"
- Grahame Rainey, Teacher

“People absolutely love it. It’s local, timely, fresh, and has a message of hope. We recommend it highly.”
- Joyce Rostron, VP of Green Ideas Network

"More than any TV news piece or article in a newspaper, more than any other single example of informative and educational reporting, Jenny Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin’s Clean Bin Project  social media presence, blog and film demonstrate the power of new media and its ability to reach a completely different demographic  of concerned citizens who are engaged, seeking community and ready to take action."
- Recycling Council of British Columbia, delivering The Clean Bin Project a MOBI award for excellence in journalism and media

 "That was inspiring! Super awesome. . . beautiful."
- Jer Unrau

"This documentary will blow your mind and inspire you to take action all at the same time"
- Squamish viewer