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Grant Baldwin, Director/Editor    Grant is the guy who first sat up in bed and said "hey, let's do a buy nothing year, and let's stop making garbage"; he's the guy who made the clean bin project go from a crazy idea to an awarding winning film. Grant began his career producing music for film and television; after formal schooling in audio engineering, he went on to produce his own music under the name Phontaine, releasing three albums, creating the score for a number of productions, and securing placements in hit shows such as Damages, The OC, and Sacred Planet Imax. After working closely with top filmmakers, moving from music to being behind the camera was a natural progression. The Clean Bin Project is his first feature film.

Jen Rustemeyer, Producer  Jen is the woman behind the clean bin project blog; she's the one who said "ok" to Grant's crazy idea to live zero waste for a year. Jen spent her fair share of time both in front of and behind the camera during the making of the clean bin project, an experience which cured her of her deathly fear of public speaking. When she's not busy researching, recycling, and making things from scratch, she is a GIS Analyst for an environmental consulting company in Vancouver. 

Brian Burke Brian is the resident Recycling Guru at Quayside Co-housing in North Vancouver, BC. He voluntarily runs the recycling centre and compost system for the 20 families in the building; a couple years ago they actually got rid of their dumpster because they were able to reduce their garbage down to nearly nothing. Brian has been involved with the zero waste movement for decades and is our go to guy for recycling.

Chris Jordan Chris is an artist based in Seattle, Washington who is best known for his large scale works depicting mass consumption and waste, particularly garbage.  After 11 years as a corporate lawyer, he shifted his focus to art. In recent years he has been called "the 'it' artist of the green movement".  His well known series Running the Numbers depicts statistics of mass consumption; even more shocking are his recent images of dead albatross on Midway Island where thousands of birds or dying filled up with plastic waste. His work is a strong message about the collective impacts of our everyday behaviours. His personal website is www.chrisjordan.com

Captain Charles Moore Captain Moore is widely credited with discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where plastic pollution is floating in an area twice the size of Texas. The son of an industrial chemist and avid sailor, Captain Moore founded Algalita Marine Research Foundation and has devoted his life to scienfically measuring the pollution in our oceans and to warning people about the dangers of plastics. He written numerous papers on the subject, has appeared on TED, and has been interviewed by the likes of David Letterman. www.algalita.org